I have been interested in photography since the middle of the nineties when film was in its last days. After a lapse of various years and while living in Peru the need to be involved with photography was rekindled.
Like many, I am self taught although I did study Black and White film photography.

My main interests are travel but architecture is probably in third place landscapes.

Many of these images can be seen in the different galleries on this site or via Dreamstime and their link which can be seen at the end of this ramble. Meanwhile, I will continue adding more images to all existing galleries according to style or theme.

As time goes by I realise that camera equipment is less important than knowing how to use it and more than anything being in the right place at the right time. However, there is no doubt that whatever you choose it all needs to work, be reliable and more to the point be the right tool for you.
After a year long Canon sojourn, I have recently gone back to Nikon cameras using the D610 which does everything I need.

Having returned from living in Peru over two years ago now I am still very much spiritually joined to the country and have many fond memories. For this reason, many images both Stock and non stock that can be seen here were taken in Peru.

Most years I go back for more.

When in the UK, without doubt Devon and Cornwall and my favourite places to photograph but there are many more places outside the UK I want to know and photograph.

Finally, all stock images can be seen and also be purchased through Dreamstime using the following link:

You are very welcome to look at my images and I will happily reply to any comments made here or via my email.

Con mucho gusto contestaré cualquier duda que tenga en castallano acerca de mis imágenes aquí presentes en la casilla pertinente o a través de mi correo electrónico en:

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for visiting.

Muchas gracias por su visita, espero que haya gustado mi trabajo.


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